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I Want To Break Free

Challenging the hegemony of traditional composition through improvisation, performance, collaboration and sound installation.

A research project by

Samuel D Loveless & Dr Monica Esslin-Peard

Research project information


Conference Presentation


#1 Shuffle by Alison Knowles

The Joy of Letting Go by Samuel D Loveless

Somewhere by Samuel D Loveless

bloom by Samuel D Loveless

First presented at

Innovation InMusic 23 Conference

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I Want To Break Free

Can a single score be apt for first time musicians and professionals alike? 

Our mission is to create environments where this is not only achieved but is at the core ethos of the creative practice. These workshops - or sound installations as we call them - enable participants of all musical experience and abilities to explore musicking (defined as any activity involving or related to music performance) as a collective; ideally leaving inhibitions at the door. 


Each workshop, which lasts around 90 minutes, includes physical movement, playing with balloons, singing and a free improvisatory performance, which utilises one hundred plus ‘musical instruments’ and objects. 


The aim of working in this way, is to in some cases, (re-)discover the joy of making sounds whilst limiting, or ideally ridding participants of their preconceptions about musical technique, genres and ability as well as what it means to be ‘good’. However, this certainly does not mean the final outcome doesn’t have sonic rigour - quite the opposite. 


Selected participants’ comments

‘As a person who wants more experience with cross collaboration between other disciplines in my UG/PG modules, I think it would fit this setting as it connects artists from different fields together, wish I could have had this during my study’. 

Undergraduate music student


‘This workshop gave me the opportunity to create different sounds through a group setting without any judgement. Exploring different art forms and how that can impact music and sound’. 

Community Choral Society participant (adult)


‘I love how we got together to make a beat. No matter what we use it sounds beautiful’.

Secondary school pupil


For further information, including scores, videos, project abstract and presentation slideshow from the Innovation InMusic Conference 2023, please follow the link: 

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